The Sage Project

Leaders -- Imagine benefiting quickly from the one-on-one support a coach can provide. Through coaching, I help leaders make personal and professional changes that unlock and release their full potential.

Leadership, Life and Mentor Coaching is about stepping out front, taking the lead, achieving results, and seeing the world within you. 

Through coaching, leaders...
Advance their leadership skills
Enhance their professional performance
Set powerful, achievable goals and act on them
​~ Become inspired by their quality-of-life choices
Accelerate their professional and personal growth

Coaches -- Mentor Coaching is two-fold. Utmost we focus on the ICF Core Competencies with the goal of you becoming competent and comfortable knowing and incorporating the skills in your coaching. While focusing on these skills, you will practice and demonstrate these throughout each session. Mentor coaching can set the stage for you to excel and achieve your certification goals.

I specialize in working with emerging leaders, business leaders, and individuals looking to achieve their life goals. 

I have training and experience working with leaders and their challenges within the organization. The coaching is direct and focused on relationships and becomes the key to a healthy system.

The Sage Project was born on the notion that gaining wisdom and understanding is a life-long project and having a multitude of resources to draw upon is beneficial to our learning and achievement. Through coaching, individuals and organizations realize they can be the best in what they choose. A seasoned coach can assist them in their achievements and hold them accountable for what they strive for.

If your life is your project, a professional coach can be your strategic partner in the planning and action-design that can put you in the lead.

Co-Active Coaching -- Together we will work to understand your core values and strengths and initiate the most effective processes for applying or increasing your greatest talents. From the onset we will build an alliance on how we will work together. Our center of attention will be on what you want to accomplishment, as well as on those personal qualities you want to bring forward in your life, business, or coaching.

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