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The Sage Project

Most importantly, I have honed three essential life skills --
​    ~ The fine art of active listening
    ~ Being curious and asking fundamental questions
​    ~ Insight and strength from working through challenges with others

I am a student of the natural and social world. I have a Master of Science degree in Outdoor Recreation Behavior and Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry/Outdoor Recreation. I am a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

Driven by my leadership interests, I founded my business in 2002 (The Sage Project, LLC). I blend the fine art of active listening and insight from working with others into my boundless curiosity and imagination to form the foundation for building leaders.

Movement is very centering and exhilarating for me. I am well-coordinated and enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. So far my fastest experience has been a flight in an F-16 fighter jet! On the more methodical side, I am an avid fly-fisher. For me, fly-fishing is an activity that stimulates intense observation, persistence, and tremendous patience. It is an artistic expression of my mind working in synchrony with my body.

Along the artistic line, I love the creation of a photograph. I rarely go anywhere without my camera. When kept inside, I enjoy reading and getting lost in the mystery of a good novel or relish the knowledge of an informative piece of literature.

I make instant friends with animals and, no matter where I am, I usually get asked for directions.

I developed my leadership skills over a 34-year career managing and caring for America's public land resources. My desire to lead carried me beyond my wildest expectations. I tackled controversy, overcame obstacles, and achieved success as one of the few women at the executive level in the federal government.​

I met challenges at every level -- from building partnerships with American Indian tribes, ranchers, conservation organizations and local communities to working with cabinet-level officials in the nation's capital. I helped others find and use their strengths in diverse settings -- from leading a forest fire crew caught in a burn-over to guiding hundreds of my staff through changing missions and political differences. I have also accomplished similar tasks as an associate director for a private, nonprofit organization.

On the Personal Side

My Professional Background

I draw tremendous strength from being out-of-doors. Whether it is the mesmerizing view of an endless ocean, the vastness of a desert landscape, the crowded canopy of a dark forest, or the fresh smells in a creek drainage, this is where I replenish my spirit.

Throughout my life I have explored, intricately, the amazing canyon lands of the American Southwest--on foot, horseback, river raft, kayak, skis and mountain bike. My travels have also taken me to the high peaks in the Sierra Nevadas, Rocky Mountains, and Canadian ranges. I grew up on the Pacific Coast and spent endless summers being pushed by the rhythm of the ocean waves. It is in these places that my heart is at home.