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"The greatest impression I'll be left with from my work with Martha is her absolutely undeterred optimism. There was no situation, no incident, no difficulty in which she wasn't able to help me see the positive outcomes resulting from it, or an aspect which I could take advantage of. As a result of her example, I have refreshed my own continuing aspiration to see the best in whatever situations arise in my life."  ~Paul W., Physicist

"The Quantum Leader within Martha Hahn was intent on taking the lead...She focused her attention on a key issue she believed was critical...Her discriminatory capacities defined the problem and identified practical choices for resolving it. She took initiative when she felt it was necessary to gain followers."  ~Warren Blank in The Nine Natural Laws of Leadership, 1995, by AMACOM, American Management Association

"In her evocative opening essay, Martha Hahn shares hard-earned lessons from her considerable experience managing and advocating for public lands, arguing that a broad public understanding of diverse perspectives, a concerted commitment to working together, and an inclusive sense of place offer the basic tools for achieving  'a sustainable relationship between people and the earth'."  ~Robert B. Keiter as editor in Reclaiming the Native Home of Hope -- Community, Ecology and the American West, 1998, ​by the University of Utah Press

What Others Have to Say

"My coaching experience with Martha was an amazing journey that turned out to be life-altering. Through coaching I not only gained self-confidence and self-understanding, but I found the courage and determination to stand up for myself, my beliefs, and my dreams. It has helped me with so many areas of my life, including my self-esteem, marriage, career, and relationships with others. Martha has been truly amazing to work with. I definitely recommend that everybody go through this program because it will totally impact your life and help you find the beauty in what we are here to do."  ~Margaret L., Accountant

"From the chaos and doubt in my brain, Martha was able to extricate the jewels of wisdom. Her focused and gentle coaching coaxed me, enlightened me, and stopped me in my tracks--all of which invited me to open my world to fulfilling possibilities and choices. What a revelation! Where I am now, both personally and professionally, is a world away from where I was before Martha. My business thrives and my life feels like a perfect fit. Her questions to ponder continue to inspire me to action--they are fresh as ever. If your world needs expanding and you are seeking a completely supportive and powerful coach, you are home."  ~Ann H., Professional Coach